Commercial Team



Tel. : +32 2 510.00.97

Andel van de Moer

Andel joined JGI in 1988. Besides trading several metals around the desk, Andel is also responsible for the supply of our Hydrometal plant in raw materials, reagents and many more. He is also taking care of the sales of several by-products and products coming from our recycling activity at Hydrometal. Probably the only Dutchman to be a rugby fan, Andel also loves all motorsports.



André De Kandelaer

Tel. : +32 2 510.00.94
Mob. : +32 475 / 44.25.83

André De Kandelaer

André joined JGI in 1976. He spent all his career within the JGI Group to end up in his current position as Consultant. He contributed largely to set up the structure of the JGI Group as it exists today. Delegating more of the day-to-day business management to the Commercial and Plant Managers, André now spends most of his time in preparing the future of the company by thinking about new projects, investments and geographical expansion.
A basketball passionate, André is also the General Manager of the biggest club in Brussels.




Boris Geuvens

Belgian Mobile : +32 497 / 511 232
Thailand Mobile : +66 (8) 40 20 70 41

Boris Geuvens

After getting his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Boris joined JGI in 2003. He is now in charge of the representative office of JGI in Bangkok, Thailand. He enjoys to travel and to meet people from different cultures. He speaks fluently French, English and Spanish and is currently learning Thai.


Tel. : +32 2 508.18.19
Mob. : +32 474 / 94.95.97

Carine In’t Ven

Having spent 20 years working for a major Cu Sn (Pb) smelter, Carine changed career in 2001 and joined JGI to mainly focus on Sn and Pb. At heart a family oriented wife and mum, she is nevertheless very happy to be part of a successful JGI commercial team, to represent the company around the world, and to be able to contribute to the continuing growth of JGI.




Tel. : +32 2 510.00.92

Faïdjiba Loe-Mie

Having a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Faïdjiba worked 5 years in the recycling industry of non-ferrous metals from electronic wastes, first as R&D engineer then as laboratory and sampling operations manager. She is now in charge of technical and sales support at JGI. Fan of dance, Faïdjiba also invests herself in various cultural associations.





Tel. : +32 2 500.08.68

Laurent Dubois

Part of the JGI team since January 2014, Laurent is responsible for developing new business opportunities mainly across Eastern Europe. He is a team player willing to broaden his experience in the field of non-ferrous metals and expand the trading activities of JGI.





Tel. : +41 79 372 9005

Leonardo Brabec

Leonardo has over 10 years of experience in the base metals industry, having worked for a major mining company and trading house with great exposure to Latin America and Africa. He joined in September 2016 to expand JGI's business network in South America. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.





Tel. : + 32 2 508.18.18


Philippe Henry

Philippe graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 1993 and got a pHD in Hydrometallurgy in 1998. Previously to joining Hydrometal in 2000, he worked for a belgian company where he was following a recycling project for Mn, Ni and Co. Successively R&D Manager and Technical Director, Philippe became Plant Manager in 2005. In 2008, he joined the JGI - Hydrometal's Board of Directors. He now spends most of his time expanding our recycling possibilities not only in terms of technologies used but also in terms of range of metals and materials being recycled.





Tel. : +32 2 500.08.67

Quentin Wyns

Having spent almost 10 years working for a major mining company, Quentin has an extensive experience in dealing with Nickel and Cobalt bearing materials. He is delighted to contribue to the continuous growth of the company.




Tel. : + 32 2 500.08.64

Romain Wagner

After a first experience in Australia in the Trading of Aluminium, Romain joined JGI in 2012 and focusing on the French speaking and British markets.



Tel. : +32 2 510.00.93
Mob. : +32 491 / 56.90.55

Ron Smedts

Ron has more than 15 years experience in Zn recycling and base metal trading. 
He joined in December 2010 to expand JGI’s worldwide business network, specifically in Zn, Pb and Cu containing materials.He is completely addicted to his two children, his bike and abbreviations. He feels at his best in restaurants and bars …



Tel. : +32 2 508.18.14

Thomas Dupont

With over 25 years of combined experience in base and minor metals, Thomas offers a good blend of expertise, market knowledge… and creativity.  He’s especially keen to serve you in our high purity metals (tin, arsenic, antimony,...), zinc sulfate, on top of the minor metals we are active in: Cd, Bi, In, Se, Te, Ge ....



Yi Zhu

Yi  has been working for JGI since 2005. He possesses a diploma in Material Engineering and is responsible for the Chinese market. 




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